Pills for urinary incontinence drugs to quickly eliminate the pathology


Pills for urinary incontinence drugs to quickly eliminate the pathology Urinary incontinence pills: drugs to quickly eliminate the pathology
Treatment of impaired urination: types and causes of disorders, diagnosis of the disease, urinary incontinence pills and traditional methods of treatment.

Urinary incontinence pills: the choice of highly effective drugs

Urinary control is more likely to be lost by older people, mostly women. Pathology reduces the quality of life, brings significant discomfort. This is not a separate disease, but a consequence of the development of pathological processes. For therapy, experts prescribe incontinence pills. Pick up the medicine can only urologist. He will take into account the causes of uncontrolled urination, the characteristics of the patient’s body, will tell you how to treat bedwetting with a drug method.

The content of the article

  • Types of urination disorders
  • Delay
  • Frequent urination
  • Incontinence
  • Causes of violations
    • In men
    • Among women
    • Symptoms
    • Diagnostics
    • Treatment
      • Medicamentous
      • Gymnastics
      • Folk methods
      • Treatment for prostate and adenoma
      • Effects
      • Prevention
      • Video
      • Types of urination disorders

        Depending on the cause, as well as the characteristics of uncontrolled flow of urine, there are several types maxpro steroids of pathology. The main types include the following.


        This is the inability to urinate with a filled urinary reservoir, there are two types:

        • acute;
        • chronic.

        Acute lag is characterized by a sudden and painful inability to empty the urinary organ.

        If the ability to control urination is suddenly lost, then this is a possible sign of spinal cord injury in the event of injury. This explains the night urine excretion.

        Frequent urination

        With frequent urination, the interval between urination is shortened. Under normal drinking regime (for women – 2 liters, men – 3 liters of water), it lasts about 2 hours.


        Incontinence (incontinence) is uncontrolled leakage of urine. It happens temporary and permanent.

        Causes of violations

        This phenomenon occurs due to degeneration of fat cells of the bladder, failure of the passage of nerve impulses, weakening of the smooth muscle muscles.

        Common causes of frequent urination for people of any age are pathological processes that develop in the urinary system. They are conditionally divided into congenital and acquired specialists.

        In women, the frequent desire to urinate appears during menopause. With impaired hormonal balance, degenerative changes occur in the muscles of the urethra.

        In men

        Pathology develops in the case of:

        • hypothermia or overvoltage of the body;
        • prostate pathology;
        • prostate adenomas;
        • bladder treatment with certain drugs;
        • development of type 2 diabetes, urethritis, pyelonephritis;
        • trauma to the urethra;
        • inflammation of the genital organs;
        • intoxication to a great extent.

        Among women

        Violate the process of urination:

        • overstrain and hypothermia;
        • pregnancy, when the uterus puts pressure on the urine-collecting organ;
        • inflammatory diseases of the genital organs;
        • prolapse or prolapse of the uterus;
        • premenstrual syndrome;
        • diseases of the kidneys, ureter;
        • tumors of the uterus, diabetes;
        • cystitis, vulvitis, genital endometriosis;
        • pathology of the nervous system;
        • thrush.

        Any types of neoplasms also contribute to an increase in the urinary process.


        The disorder is accompanied by a sharp desire to go to the toilet, inability to control urination, as well as unpleasant symptoms.

        It may be:

        • rez at emptying;
        • lower abdominal pain;
        • jet weakness;
        • discoloration and urinary retention;
        • itching and burning in the genital area.

        There is a feeling that the bath is constantly full.


        To determine the cause of the pathology, the gynecologist or urologist conducts a patient survey and palpation. Finds out if pain and pain appear when de-rating.

        To identify the pathogen oral stanozolol for sale, as well as to clarify the diagnosis, laboratory and instrumental examinations of the organ are prescribed:

        • biochemical and clinical blood tests;
        • general urine analysis;
        • Ultrasound (ultrasound);
        • X-ray
        • CT (computed tomography).

        In the diagnosis, special attention is paid to the presence of stones (stones) and tumors.

        Pills for urinary incontinence drugs to quickly eliminate the pathology


        Based on the indicators of diagnostic tests select the method of treatment.

        He might be:

        • conservative;
        • surgical.


        Pharmaceuticals are prescribed if there are no violations in the area of ​​the genitourinary system.

        To suppress involuntary contraction of the muscles prescribed:

        • Detruzitol;
        • Spasmex;
        • Driptan;
        • Canephron.

        When the cause is stressful, antidepressants are prescribed to the patient.

        These include:

        • Duloxetine;
        • Imipramine.

        If anticholinergic activity is observed, during which the conduction of nerve impulses in cells is inhibited, Atropine or Tolterodine is prescribed.

        Older patients are advised to use local hormone therapy to improve their quality of life.

        It may be:

        • gel;
        • candles;
        • patch.

        Additionally, the patient must undergo a course of physiotherapy.

        Depending on the cause of enuresis in women, various pills for urinary incontinence are prescribed:

        1. Ephedrine. Contributes to the termination of enuresis, reducing the muscles that are involved in the outflow of urine.
        2. Oxybutin, Driptan. Restore control of urge, increase the volume of the bladder.
        3. Desmopressin. Reduces urine volume.

        With a lack of sex hormones during menopause, agents containing estrogen and progestin are prescribed to normalize urine excretion in women.


        In pathology, gymnastics is prescribed. Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and abdomen in women. It is required to strain the pelvic muscles for 3 seconds three times a day, and gradually bring the time to 20 seconds. Exercises are performed in conjunction with medicines.

        In addition to the exercises, massage is recommended, which is performed by specialists in the clinic.

        Folk methods

        Successfully can be treated enuresis according to recipes of folk healers.

        Highly effective products are easy to prepare based on the following products:

        1. Sage. For an infusion you need 40 g of dry grass pour 1 liter of boiling water. Leave on for 2 hours, closing the container tightly with a lid. Strain and drink 3 times a day in half a cup.
        2. Dill seeds. Pour 1 tbsp. l plants 1 cup of hot water and leave in a warm place for 3 hours. Strain and drink 2 times. Take the infusion daily until the expected result.
        3. Yarrow 10 g of grass with inflorescences pour 200 ml of hot water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Leave to cool. Drink 3-4 times a day for ½ cup.

        When taking plant-based products, it is important not to start the process, otherwise it will become chronic.

        It is useful to drink freshly squeezed carrot juice in the morning, honey water, eat blueberries and blackberries, follow a diet.

        Treatment for prostate and adenoma

        The goal of prostatitis treatment is to eliminate the causes of the disease and remove the pain symptom. Conducted inpatient and outpatient.

        For complex treatment of prostatitis, medicines are selected from 3 groups:

        1. Uroseptics. Fitolizin, Kanefron.
        2. Immunomodulators. Timalin, Ribomunil.
        3. Antibacterial agents. Erythromycin, Acyclovir.

        Prostate adenoma is usually treated surgically. Conservative treatment is allowed only at an early stage of the disease.

        Apply to:

        • Reaferon;
        • Pyrogenal;
        • Trental.

        Antibiotics are often prescribed to kill a bacterial infection during enuresis.


        A neglected disease becomes chronic. This often leads to complications.

        May appear:

        • skin inflammation;
        • allergic rash;
        • infectious process in the urinary system;
        • increased symptoms;
        • deterioration.

        Unpleasant symptoms can occur at any time. Protracted spontaneous urination ends with catheterization. A catheter is inserted into the bladder and attached to a urine receiver.


        For high-quality work of muscles it is necessary to pay enough attention to health.


        • stick to a balanced diet;
        • give up all bad habits;
        • sleep at least 7-8 hours;
        • regulate physical activity;
        • more time to relax;
        • prevent stressful situations;
        • exercise daily;
        • to train the muscles of the pelvis, bladder.

        Diseases of the genitourinary sphere are most often associated with the lack of competent care, so do not dimethazine reviews forget about daily personal hygiene.


        In the video, the doctor talks about the types and causes of urinary incontinence in men.

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